How To Download and Stream Showbox Free Movies on PS4

Showbox app nowdays becomes one of the most popular app for streaming free movies and tv serials. Generally, people run showbox app on android devices (phone and tablet), IOS devices ( mac, iphone, and ipad ), and pc or computer using bluestack app. At this time, I would like to share how to run and stream showbox to PS4. You may think that PS4 used just only to play games, right? On this article, I would like to let you know that your PS4 can do even more than playing games. It can do not only to play games but also to watch movies for free. Then, you may ask how to make it? If you want to know more, just keep on reading this entire article as I will explain detail but in a simple way.

To stream showbox on PS4, you need to install third party app on your device (Android, IOS, MAC, PC) those app are iMedia Share & MX Player. Why do we need that third party app? Because recently showbox is no longer available on PS4. But, you don’t need to worry as by using that third party app, you still be able to run showbox on PS4. Then how does it work? Well, when you have finished installing that app, you just connect your device to PS4 in order to stream free movies on showbox. And through this article, I will explain you in a very simple and easy way how to run showbox on PS4. So, keep reading entire article to know how to run showbox on PS4.

Stream Showbox Free Movies To PS4 From Android, PC/Computer Using IMediaShare & MX Player

1. Download Showbox Apk File, iMediaShare, and Mx Player. You can download it via Google Drive.
2. Install all that apps on android devices and if you use pc/computer, you can install via bluestack emulator.
3. Open iMediaShare until it is running, then open showbox app on your android devices or bluesatck emulator.
4. Then, from showbox home screen choose Menu – Movies and select what movies you want to watch.
5. Select Others then tap on Watch Now and MX Player is automatically playing the movie.
6. Next, on MX Player click Option – select Tools – then click Share button.
7. Now, on PS4 choose Videos – iMedia Share – Videos – and click Now Playing button. Then on this step, your PS4 will be automatically streaming movie you have chosen before

Those are the steps you have to do in order to stream showbox to PS4. Last but not least, enjoy streaming movies and playing games on your PS4.

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